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Whether you're newly Medicare-eligible, transitioning from employer coverage, or simply unhappy with your current plan, I, Mack Workman of Cumberland Benefits, am changing the way that seniors approach Medicare. I help you shift through the all the information out there about Medicare, identify what plan benefits matter most to you, and ease enrollment in the right plan. 

The key to finding the right Medicare coverage is taking all aspects of your health into account: your health conditions, prescriptions, in-network doctors, ancillary benefit needs, and even your travel plans. 

I am dedicated to bringing education, clarity, and integrity into the process of find of the best, most cost-effective Medicare plan for you. Too often seniors settle into the wrong plan for them because it came recommended by someone they know, or worse, because an inconsiderate agent didn't do due diligence to help them find the right plan. 

When it comes to finding you the right Medicare plan, I won’t take the easy route if it’s not right for you. Plus, you have nothing to lose. My services are completely free – there's no catch! The livelihood I make from helping you is already built into costs by the carrier, whether you use a broker or not. There's nothing you can't do on your own, but I can save you from making costly mistakes with your Medicare decision. Let me be an agent of change for you!

Here are some of the carriers I can offer you:

Serving folks across Kentucky with simple solutions to their Medicare coverage needs.

Medicare Advantage
Medicare Supplement Plans
Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D)

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans offer both Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Exact coverage details vary by plan, but many plans may also cover your prescriptions drugs (Part D) and dental, hearing, and vision needs. To help you find the right Medicare Advantage plan, we'll start by evaluating what you have now: What do you like about your current coverage? What don’t you like about it? Then we'll find the plan that best matches your needs and desires. Guaranteed Lowest Prices allowed by law!

Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans provide coverage for the gaps in your "Original Medicare" insurance. These plans can help you pay for remaining healthcare expenses such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. If you don't have Medicare Advantage and you're concerned about your healthcare expenses, I can help you determine if a Medicare Supplement plan is right for you. 

Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D)

Medicare Part D provides coverage for your prescription drugs. The prescriptions covered and their costs vary by plan, therefore, it's important to make sure you get the right plan for your needs. I have tools that make it easy to review your list of prescriptions and find a plan with the right coverage.

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Dedicated To Being An 
Agent Of Change For Medicare Beneficiaries 

My commitment: I leave people better than I found them or leave them alone.
Whether you are just transitioning into retirement, or have been enrolled in Medicare for a while, I pledge to put you first. Your health and healthcare are very important to you, so it is very important to me. My goal is to do the right thing, the first time and every time. 

I have been on the Financial Services and Medicare Insurance frontline for over 30 years. My job is to assist and guide people through the maze of making their important Medicare decisions. The wrong decision could cost thousands of dollars over the years without an educated, trained, and professional opinion to guide them. 

My edge in this industry is my honesty, empathy, and concern for others. As a result of these traits, I have been recognized as a top performer at most every stop along the way. 

Helping Kentuckians
Find Coverage

As a Kentucky native, I love helping Kentuckians find the health coverage they need. I serve Paducah residents, as well as those who need Medicare or other insurance in McCracken County and across the state!

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Additional Coverage Offered

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity insurance offers financial protection when you are admitted into the hospital, covering costs not covered by your health insurance plan.


Dental care is important to maintaining your overall health. Dental insurance helps cover the costs associated with dental care. 
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Life insurances provides peace of mind and financial protection for your loved ones at the end of your life. It's an important part of planning for the future.
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